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We provide private detective services around the world to help understand family issues, business and other aspects of life.

Our Agency possesses the most modern equipment that is used by "security forces" and representatives of the security services, including drones with video cameras. Our experts served in special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Federal Security Services (FSB), The Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation (FSKN). All experts have a wide experience of operational work.

Our services
Price policy is loyal and individual to each client. It depends on the effort and money spent on the task and on the complexity of the work. We are ready to meet all your wishes and demands on the matters of special importance.
Information gathering
  • Dossier on a person
  • Information based on a phone number
  • Information about the owner based on the plate number of the car
  • Check the car for theft
  • Verification of registration of property transactions
  • Identification of the person's propert
Management of family issues
  • Proof of marital infidelity
  • Check of the husband or wife for fidelity
  • Check for meeting people over the internet
  • Bring back a loved one
  • Check of the child's lifestyle
  • Fight against juvenile drug abuse
  • Conflict resolution with children
  • Identification of marriage swindlers
  • Psychological assistance
  • Withdrawal from a sect
  • Return the child if illegally held by the other parent
  • Protection against domestic violence
For legal entities
  • Gathering of information about the organization from its counterparties
  • Return of a debt
  • Credit history check
  • Asset tracing
  • Search for listening devices
  • Conducting the expertise
  • Resolving conflicts with law enforcement agencies
  • Personal Safety Insurance
  • Verification of business partners
  • Check of security service's work
  • Installation of covert surveillance
  • Screening and checking of job candidates
  • Polygraph test
  • Verification of documents for authenticity
External surveillance
  • External surveillance
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Stationary surveillance
  • Search for missing people
  • Search for fraud, property, cars
  • Online definition of subscriber location
  • Definition of location based on the IP address
  • Definition of location via mobile phone
Private investigation
  • Private investigations
  • Gathering information on civil and criminal cases
  • Unspoken lifestyle check
  • Verification of an alibi
  • Assistance to lawyers
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Spets jobs
Detective Agency "Spets" is successfully developing. We will be glad to see initiative, honest, versatile people who have flexible mind and a clear view of life in our professional team.

Now Detective Agency "Spets" is hiring:
Undercover agent
The dealing with private tasks (preference to former or current employees of the following services: the Search or the Operational Search Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or FSB).
Sociable girls without complexes, within the limits of decency and dignity for implementation, verification of allegiance.
Internet search specialist
Search for open access information. Knowledge of computer programs is required.
Software engineer
It is important to be a professional and get along with the computer.
You can apply for this job by sending your CV to daspec@mail.ru
Pay your attention to the fact that CV with no photo will not be reviewed.
Calls concerning employment are not relevant.
Our branches are located in different parts of the country and the world. It allows doing our work faster, more effective and reliable. Besides, we always stay in contact with our clients. If you need to have your work done abroad, you can visit the main office of the detective Agency "Spets", located in St. Petersburg, and our experts immediately get down to the task anywhere in the world.
We guarantee absolute confidentiality of all negotiations and actions.
We are always on your side!

Private detective: Egor Yurievich daspec@mail.ru
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